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Toddler Eats

I am always impressed with how well Hamilton eats. I don't know many toddlers who will eat salad with onion and buffalo chicken bites that have blue cheese and buffalo sauce in them. Don't get me wrong, we struggle with getting her to eat sometimes and some meals it takes 2 hours for her to finish her plate but we have adopted different meal time practices to help; 1. Hamilton is a grazer, she will do what we call run by eating. So we start out at the dinner table and when she refuses to eat anymore we move her food to the coffee table and let her graze as she plays. 90% of the time she ends up eating everything on her plate, it just may take 2 hrs. 2. I feed her the exact same thing I feed us. Very very rarely does she eat a different meal and that is usually because we are eating later. 3. I try not to stress over how and what she eats. If one day she only eats popcorn and goldfish then at least she's had something to eat, but I still always offer her a meal. 3. Even when she doesn't like an item, I still give it to her. Especially if it is a vegetable because you never know when she might decide she likes it. The bonus is she loves fruits and vegetables! I literally spent $6 at the Fair on a Carmel apple without the Carmel just so she could have an apple. I don't want this to seem like Hamilton is a perfect eater and she only eats good food because she doesn't. She eats fast food more then I care to admit and I struggle with feeding her what I want vs what she wants but maybe some of our tricks will help with those who are really struggling with their toddlers at meal time. The one thing that I do refuse to do is "fight" with Hamilton over meal time or food. I am not going to make her eating a war, once I choose not to do it is amazing how much happier meal time is!! #toddlerseat


Perfect #SuperBowl dish

Pork Loin French Dip: serves 4-6
Crock pot Pulled Pork *2 packets of Onion Soup
2 loafs of Italian bread
2 Green Bell peppers
1 Yellow Onion
2 cups of sliced Mushrooms
Provolone Cheese Slices
Slice Bell peppers, Onion and Mushrooms
Lightly cover skillet with Vegetable oil
Warm skillet on medium
Cut bread loafs into Quarters, the slice almost in half but leave bread "attached" {like a hotdog bun}
Slice cooked Pork tenderloin
Once oil is heated add Bell peppers, Onion and Mushrooms
Season with Salt, Garlic powder and Pepper
Cook mixture together for a few minutes and then remove vegetables and place on a paper towel covered plate
Lightly toast bread
Spread mayo on bread, put Pork loin and vegetable mixture onto bread
Top with Provolone slice, melt in the microwave for about 30 seconds
in individual bowls add Onion Soup from crock pot to dip sandwich in
and Enjoy!

 I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!!


February Frenzy

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