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Columbus Day at Perot

Celebrate discovery with extended hours Saturday and Sunday, a Claws-and-Tails-themed Discovery Days, plus 3D films featuring dinosaurs, wild weather and mysterious worlds

ANNCR:                What better way to celebrate Columbus’ discovery than at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science? This holiday weekend (Oct. 10-12), the popular destination promises fun for all ages with extended hours on Saturday and Sunday, 3D films, Discovery Days and more.

On Saturday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Discovery Days: Claws and Tails will lure guests to explore the wild world of animals, mammals and other organisms throughout the Museum. The family-fun event, which is free with Museum general admission, will teach visitors how to track animals, examine specimens through microscopes and invent a creature. There will even be live creatures!

For a sit-back-and-relax experience, The Hoglund Foundation Theater, a National Geographic Experience will feature a brilliant line-up of 3D films bringing dinosaurs, wild weather and mysterious places to the big screen. Jerusalem 3D embarks on a tour of one of the world’s oldest and most enigmatic cities, and Wonders of the Arctic 3D e
xplores the state of the Arctic today by visiting the polar bear capital of the world to discover its mystery, myth and fascination. Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, Walking with Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet 3D spins back 70 million years to Alaska in the Cretaceous (kri-tey-shuh s) period on a year-long journey of dinosaurs fighting, feeding, migrating, playing and hunting. Dino-stars of the film include two discoveries of Perot Museum scientists –Pachyrhinosaurus (PAK-ee-rye-no-SAWR-us) and Nanuqsaurus (na-nook-SOR-us). Wildest Weather in the Solar System 3D takes audiences on a spectacular journey to witness the most beautiful, powerful and mysterious weather phenomena in the solar system.

Plus enjoy extra hours of discovery on Saturday and Sunday when the Perot Museum stays open until 7 p.m. As always, member-only hours are from 8:30-10 a.m. every Saturday and 10 a.m.-noon every Sunday. There will also be special member-only hours from 8:30-10 a.m. on Monday (Columbus Day).

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Game Time

Friday Night Games 
Magnolia Panthers vs. Camden
Nimitz Vikings vs. Skyline
Industrial Cobras vs. Palacios

Good Luck tonight everyone!!


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Friday Games
Lake Highlands Wildcats vs. Burkner 14-0
Saturday Games
Austin College Roos vs. MHB 21-7
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