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a mama heart

Every once in awhile there is a story that grips you at your core, you have no relation to those involved and no personal ties to the story but it still stops you in your tracks. This something they don't tell you about when you become a mom. Once you become a mom you grow a mamas heart. All of the sudden you look at situations completely different. Where you once may have empathized, you now sympathize. You begin to relate with people you have never met because your heart now feels the emotion of their joy and pain. Your heart will now break for a loss and you'll cry over a person you don't know because for the first time ever, you know what they have lost. It's an emotion that sounds crazy and is hard to explain but it a gift that allows mothers to be able to connect with each other in their darkest hour.
It is one of the many things that bonds moms because only another mom can understand!


#BreakYouMake by Chobani

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people admit that they’re overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted in their daily routine? Here at Chobani, we know the importance of a healthy lifestyle and we think everyone needs a break! The truth is everyone deserves a little "me" time.
That is why I am nominating the hardest working person I know, my husband. Not only does he selflessly help with parenting our wild toddler but he is a teacher and coach at an inner city high school. From the end of July through February he works 6 to 7 days a week, as long as 20 hours a day, as a Football coach and Head Wrestling coach for both the boys and girls team, while teaching a full load class schedule. He is the most successful coach at the school, having made an appearance at State in Wrestling all 3 years that he has been the head coach. A sport that he neither played nor coached before 3 years ago. In everything he does, he gives 100%. As a teacher of a graduation credited class, he goes above and beyond to make sure that all of his students graduate. He also helps them choose their future path by giving them all of the tools and options they need to be successful once they graduate high school. He even helps them find and apply for college grants and loans. He is passionate about everything that he does and feels if his name is behind it, then he must give it his all. This allows very little "me" time for him during the school year, and in case you didn't know teaching and coaching responsibilities do not end just because it is summer. All of these are just a few of the reason I feel like he deserves the #BreakYouMake nomination by Chobani.
Do you know someone who deserves a break? Give them a Chobani flip and tell them to go take 5!


Guess What Today Starts??

Guess What TODAY Starts??
Our team is hosting a 25 day clean eating challenge that STARTS on Today!
Let me know if you're interested...it's FREE for my customers and comes with meal plans, recipes , lots of coaching and encouragement. And the BEST PART? Did you know CLEAN eating is SO MUCH EASIER when your blood sugar is balanced ?!?!?!
There is still time to join! Order Tri-Plex off my website and let me know you are interested in doing the 25 day Clean Eating Challenge and I will add you to the private group!!