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Wardrobe Wednesday

Francesca's Ankara Knot Necklace $34.00
Riffraff thrilled to frill romper $38.00
Target Sam & Libby Ainsley Sandals $29.99
Total $101.99


Hamilton's first Easter

How was your Easter?
We had a great Easter at my mom's. It was just my mom, step dad, sister, niece and then my little family. It was very low key, which was nice with Hamilton being sick. Since she was still sick, she slept through the egg hunt but it was so nice outside when she got up I set up a pallet on my mom's deck and we let her play. 
It was so really nice to have a relaxing, beautiful day! 
the best family picture we could get
Hamilton was Too Cool for Easter


Baby Led Weaning

Talk to me about BLW! Hamilton will be 5 months on the 2nd and is already eating rice cereal with banana mixed in but we are slowly introducing new foods. I have heard a lot about BLW and with about a month before she starts weaning, I want to find out all about BLW...
Who has done it?
Did you like it?
What would you do differently?
When did you start?
What foods did you use?
How old was your baby when you started?
Did you serve meats, if so, what ones and how old was your baby?

Ok, spill the beans on BLW!