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A day in my life

I thought it would be fun to give a glimpse into a day in my life, this was last Friday! 
7:35am It's game day! JR's alarm keeps going off, he forgot to turn off snooze, so I get out of bed to go over to his side and turn it off and lay back down until H wakes up. 
7:45am JR tells me good bye and leaves for work. Monday-Thursday he has Wrestling practice in the mornings so he's usually out the door by 6:00. He has the most successful program at the high school, he's gone to state twice in the two years he's been head coach, so he feels the pressure to keep it going, but on Friday's he gets to sleep in as long as there isn't a meeting.
7:50am Hamilton is awake, I slowly make my way to her room. She loves to play in her crib, so I pretend like I'm going to get in and she squeals, after several minutes of doing this I get her out of her crib and we play in her room for about 20 mins. I read to her while she destroys her toys. 
8:15am I change her diaper and we take Ava {the dog} out to go potty. We come in and I put Hamilton in her highchair and give her a cereal bar while I make her an egg and feed Ava. I pour myself a cup of coffee, caffeine and Slim are the key to getting through my days! Hamilton throws down her cup for the hundredth time and I notice this time it's cracked so I pour out what water is left in it and throw it away, I clean up the moat she had created on her tray and get her a new cup. While she's eating it I put away the clean dishes and put back together her bottle machine; best money ever spent! 
8:45am she's done with breakfast so I clean her up, take her to the living room to play. I turn on Disney Jr. and I go back to the dinning room and kitchen to clean up her breakfast mess.
9:00am I decide I'll make myself a bowl of cereal, I'm to tired to make a real breakfast. 
10:00am we start getting ready for morning nap. I spill her left over bottle from the night before I was going to warm up from last night so I throw a towel over it, make her a new one and we go into her room. I straighten up her crib from this morning when we were playing, turn on music, close the blinds and we sit down in the rocker to eat. Going to sleep is usually a 30 minute  process. She eats and then we rock for a long time. I swear I'll still be rocking her to sleep when she's 17! 
10:40am she's finally out! I put her in her crib and go clean up the bottle I spilled on the stove. I usually use this time to check emails, send emails for my business, Plexus, and blog, Life as a Coach's Wife, but today I'm exhausted and I have a little bit of a headache so I lay down. I send my husband an SOS text hoping to bribe him to come home for an hour before the game...I know he can't but I still try! 
11:50am she's up and I don't want to get out of bed but I'm up and heading to her room to get her, change her diaper and then we're headed to the kitchen to make lunch. 
12:00pm I put her in her highchair and give her half a banana, this will keep her occupied while I make her lunch; 2 slices of turkey lunch meat, half a cheese stick and some veggie straws. I grab a handful of veggie straws for myself {pretending that they're French fries} and sit down next to Hamilton at the table and do what I should have done during nap time, work! I am currently collaborating with a popular online card company for an upcoming post so I need to respond with my ideas for the post. I think we'll go with a holiday theme post! I'm sure my readers will be happy to have a post about something other then Plexus. 
12:30pm Hamilton is done with lunch. {or done feeding Ava} So we go into the living room to play while I write my Football Friday blog post. 
1:00pm we get dressed out of our pajamas and run to Sprouts. I end up picking up stuff for dinner while there; a Rotisserie Turkey and a Chicken Corn dog for Hamilton. I stop at Sonic on my way home to get some much needed caffeine! My Friday treat! 
2:00pm get home, turn on Doc McStuffins for Hamilton and try to fix myself lunch. Hamilton would rather be in the kitchen with me, so I let her play in the fridge while I make my salad. 
2:15pm get a text from JR saying he's on his way home! Yay, I guess my bribe worked! {telling him Hamilton's been calling for him all day, which she has} 
We sit down and I try to eat lunch and talk to a customer about an order, neither of which are easy with Hamilton thinking all phone calls and food is for her.  
2:50pm JR walks in the door! Everyone's happy he's home! He plays with Hamilton for a few minutes before her afternoon nap. 
3:00pm we start trying to put Hamilton down, I need her to take a long nap today since we're going to the football game tonight...we'll see if she actually does. 
3:30pm JR lays down for a quick nap before he has to head to the stadium. All is quiet in the Norman household! 
4:25pm JR's alarm goes off, so we're up and he gets dressed for the game and heads to the stadium. I can not stress how this NEVER happens!! I start to get ready for the game; do my hair and put on make up. I also catch up on a little DVR. 
5:30pm Hamilton wakes up from her nap, 2 hours not bad but not the best. I go get her, we lay out her outfit for tonight and bring her into my room so I can finish up, which now takes twice as long. 
6:00pm I make Hamilton a bottle trying to prolong dinner so that she can make it through the game. We watch the end of Meet the Robinson's, once she's done I let her play for about 30 minutes. 
6:30pm we take Ava out to go potty then come back in and I start everyone's dinner. I give Hamilton an applesauce pouch which she uses to "clean" the dinning room table. I feed Ava and then I warm up and cut Hamilton's dinner; pears, broccoli and a chicken corn dog. Once Hamilton has all her food and is feeding it to the dog I make my dinner. I warm up some penne pasta with vegetables and cut some of the rotisserie turkey I picked up earlier. I sit down next to Hamilton at the table and try, with fail, to get her to stop throwing her dinner on the floor for the dog! I scarf down my food because Hamilton is done and wants out of her highchair. 
I'm able to keep her happy for a few minutes by tickling her! Oops to much fun, Hamilton gets a little sick from a full belly and laughing! Now I'm really done and I need to clean Hamilton up. Once she's all clean I let her play for about 30  minutes before we need to get ready so that we can leave. 
7:30pm I pick up the living room and we go get dressed for the game. The game is starting now but I learned last week Hamilton can not handle being there the whole time, so we go late. It's a lot warmer then it was supposed to be so I adjust our outfits accordingly. We take out Ava, put her in her crate and then head out the door.
7:55pm we're finally in the car. I text my friend who's husband coachs for the team were playing against to meet us after the game and then were off. Wait, I have to pull over and double check that I have our parking pass and field pass, I do so, we keep going! 
8:20pm we finally make it. The game is packed, district rivals, so it takes me awhile to find a parking space. It's in the second and we're winning, yay! 
10:15pm game over we win 21-12. Hamilton loves crawling on the field and the players love seeing her! 
10:40pm we're finally leaving the stadium and heading home. Pleased that for only my second game by myself with Hamilton we survived with only a busted lip. 
11:10pm we arrive home, we quickly let Ava go potty then we start getting ready for bed. At super speed I try to make Hamilton's bottle, give her some Tylenol for her lip, get her pajamas on and get her feed and in bed, she eats her entire bottle and falls asleep pretty quickly. Today has warn her out!
11:40pm I hop in bed with some chips and salsa, because I have a fierce queso craving but we don't have any, and I catch up on a show on DVR and social media while waiting for JR to call and let me know he's on his way home. 
12:15am he's finally on his way he so I hop in the shower.
12:40am JR is home. 
12:45am I start getting the house picked up so that I can go to bed but then I turn on a show and I'm highly unmotivated to move! JR takes his shower and we talk about the game, next weeks game and play catch up on life. 
1:26am I finally decide to get out of the bed and dry my hair so that I can go to sleep...scratch that 
1:33am I finally decide to get out of bed so that I can finish getting ready for bed 
1:42am I'm finally getting into bed! Good night 


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