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Block it...Block it real good

Eek...Plexus just released an AWESOME New product BLOCK!! It is a game changer in the fight to lose weight! I have known about this product for a couple of weeks, as it was being tested out on some of the higher level Ambassadors, and I could not wait until it was released to get my hands on it!! I've ordered mine, have you ordered yours?? www.plexusslim.com/cjnorman
- Slows the absorption of starch and sugar for healthy glucose levels.
- Reduces starch and sugar from converting to glucose in the body by up to 48%

Features and Benefits:...
Helps support healthy blood glucose levels.
Helps reduce glycemic index of ingested foods.
Helps block starch and table sugar digestion/absorption.
Inhibits enzymes that convert starches to glucose.
Slows conversion of glucose to fat.
Promotes healthy weight control.
Minimizes free radical damage/oxidative stress.
Promotes sustained energy/reduces fatigue.
Lowers glycemic index rating of ingested foods.
What Other Plexus Products Can I Take With This?
Plexus Block can be taken with ANY of our current products!
Pricing & PV:
Retail: $39.95 (35 PV)
Preferred: $34.95 (30 PV)
Ambassador: $29.95 (25 PV)

*combo pack pricing available


Football Friday: Game Time

Friday Night Game
Nimitz Vikings vs. Jesuit
Ranchview Wolves vs. Sanger 
Magnolia Panthers vs. Hot Springs
Industrial Cobras vs. Hempstead

Good Luck tonight everyone!!


Just wanted to share

I wanted to share this with y'all because it is what I strive for, this is why I post all the time about Plexus on Facebook and IG. I use Plexus EVERY DAY! For me Plexus is helping my family become healthier!! JR is rocking Plexus, he has lost over 25 lbs in less than two months and I have lost inches but it is more then just weight loss, it is about over all feeling better!! {Yesterday was my birthday and I only ate half a piece of cake, half a piece...who am I?!} For me Plexus is more then just about getting healthy, it is about also gaining Financial Freedom! Celeste is in my up line, 5 above me, she has only been doing this 18 months and is already Double Diamond!! Diamond is the highest level with Plexus and she has achieved it twice!! Celeste has shown me that I too can achieve my goals!! Do you have questions about Plexus or want to know how you can get healthier and/or gain financial freedom? Email Me lifeasacoacheswife@yahoo.com 
or check out my website www.plexusslim.com/cjnorman