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Where will you be watching me from?

You can continue to watch me but one day you'll be watching me in my mansion! These are all house of jewels with Plexus, purchased with their Plexus income! I would love to be able to buy our next home with my Plexus income!! 
Which one are you dreaming of? 
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Got burn?

The picture on the left is about 30 minutes after she was burned, you can see how red her leg was. The picture on the right was taken when she woke up from her nap 2 hours later. 

Last week Hamilton was playing the in kitchen sink {free entertainment}, still standing right next to her, I turned to grab ice for my cup and Hamilton moved the faucet handle from the cold to hot water. Thankfully I heard her move it and looked at it just in time to realize she had change the water temperature but not in time to keep her from being burned. It was awful, scared me to death and I don't even want to think about what would have happen if I wasn't standing right next to her. Of course I did want every parent would do, I grab her and put the water of cold and started running it over her leg to help cool down the burn and pull the heat out. Then I remember that I had Plexus Body Cream in my bathroom, I started to lather it on her. Immediately she stopped crying and soothed her burn. It was nap time so after some snuggles and another layer of body cream, she went to sleep. When she woke up the burn was completely gone! I am SO glad that I had Plexus Body Cream in the house! It will be a staple from now on, especially with summer right around the corner! 
Plexus Body Cream also helps with Sunburns, Rosaceae and Revitalizing Skin. 


Menu Monday: Best Pancakes Ever

This is one of those recipes that you are going to say Really, is she honestly telling us how to make Just Add Water Pancakes? Well, yes I am! I make the most rocking pancakes. My secret is Vanilla and Pancake syrup mixed into the pancake mix.
Best Pancakes Ever
Instant Pancake mix, We use Krusteaz Blueberry mix
Pancake Syrup
the amount varies based on how much mix you use, so use the eye test
Add dry Mix to a bowl
Add water until mix is moist but not runny
Start to add Syrup and Vanilla, I usually add about a 1/2-3/4 cup of Syrup and 1/4 cup of Vanilla
Add until Mixture is runny but still has some thickness to it
Cook as normal
{Roll your eyes because it really is that simple and I really did make it a Menu Monday!!}