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Even Ducks Drink Pink

Did you know that Miss. Duck Commander herself drinks the Pink??!! 
That's right Miss. Kay loves her Pink drink! 


Being Recognized

Monday night the State Qualifying Wrestlers and Coaches from the three high schools were Recognized at the School Board Meeting. The wrestler make up the Top 16 Wrestlers in Texas!! That is an awesome accomplishment for the kids and the coaches!! 
See Hamilton Run...
Hamilton and I spent the meeting in the lobby. 


Product Spot Light and a New Lexi

Hamilton suffers from eczema and after having her tested for several allergies, her allergist changed her bath routine, soap and lotions we use but after reading an article {Hamilton also suffers from a sensitivity to tomatoes, citrus and humus} we are going to add Plexus ProBio5 into her daily diet! I knew the benefits of Plexus ProBio5 were great but I never realized eczema was a gut health issue!! Plexus ProBio5 is one of the only Probiotics on the market that has 5 active Probiotics!! ‪#‎plexus‬ ‪#‎probiotic‬

Plexus has added a new Lexus to its Plexus Lexus incentive program...
Meet the NX
Do you want a FREE Lexus??