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The secret is out...

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Psst Coach's Wives, I have a little secret to help save your coaches up to 5 hours a week...#krossover

If I were to tell you there was a company that could help save your husbands up to five hours a week, stress and frustration, would you be interested?? 
I was recently asked to review the new coaching service Krossover Football. Krossover provides game statistics for both teams, individual analytics, and tendency reports complete with down and distance information. Krossover has found that our program saves coaches almost 5 hours per week. That's a lot of free time for coaches to spend with their families. 

I thought who better to help me with the review then my coach himself! 
Hello readers of Life of a Coach’s Wife.  This is coach and I am excited to review a new product for football coaches to help manage and efficiently use the dreaded nemesis and arch rival, time. This product called Krossover offers film breakdown services to programs and claims to save up to 5 hours of film breakdown time on the weekends during the season.   

Initial Impressions
While I was not able to fully test out all the parts of the program, I was able to download a sample to evaluate.  In the interest of honesty, I am a die-hard “Hudlie” so the first thing that came to mind was the ease of the browser window, tools and video quality of Krossover’s media player.  As I started to “play” around, it was like putting on a familiar pair of jeans, the build is simple to use and seems to be modeled after Hudl’s video player.  Playback quality was pristine and there were few buffering issues with video playback and when I wanted to go forward, backward, stop, slow-motion, the player handled it without skipping a beat.  Overall, the initial build and impression I would grade it out to an A.
The biggest selling point for Krossover is the ability of coaches and staffs to upload film to Krossover’s server and anywhere from 12-48 hours later, have that film returned, broken down, ODK’d, statistics, the whole nine yards.  From their website, www.krossover.com, they provide a comprehensive list of the full analytical breakdown.  Here is a taste of what they offer for ANY package:
Game Data 
·         Down and Distance
·         Passes - Complete, Incomplete, Dropped, Interceptions, Pass Tipped, YAC
·         Runs - Tosses, Handoffs, YC
·         Kicks - Field Goals, Kickoffs, Punts
·         Penalties - Pre-Snap, Post-Snap, Dead Ball
·         Scores - Touchdowns, Extra Points, Field Goals, 2pt Conversions
·         Defense - Sacks, Tackles, Ball Forced OOB, Safeties, Touchbacks, Fumbles, Blitz
·         Other - Bad Snaps, Shotgun, Movement
·         All players for all events (if the coach provides accurate roster information)

Statistics Krossover Calcualates

·         Poss%: 
·         Drives: 
·         Scoring: 
·         1st Downs: 
·         Run: 
·         Fumbles: 
·         Pass:
·          Turnovers: 
·         3rd Down Eff: 
·          4th Down Eff: 
·         Red Zone: 
·          Penalties: 
·         Sacks:
·         Total Yds: 
As well as about 100 more points of data. (The complete list can be found at http://support.krossover.com/customer/portal/articles/1281465-football-analytics)
When it comes to football, I am a data driven, logical mind and the sheer amount of data that Krossover can give you is impressive.  The added benefit is that Krossover will take pre-loaded formations and add your own, and in doing so make sure the data you are receiving is set for your program and staff. 
This function I grade it out to an A.  The time alone that Krossover can save in breaking down your own game data cannot be undersold here.  Being able to save that time alone on a weekend would be invaluable.

However, one thing that I am hesitant about is that turnaround time on the middle, most affordable package (e.g. all you get for what you pay, not necessarily the cheapest) is 24-36 hours.  If you plan on allowing Krossover to break down your opponents’ film, you may not get it back until halfway through on Sunday.  That is a long time to wait before you can start game planning for the next week.  Yes, you can pay a higher fee to get it quicker, but still, you are looking at 12-24 hours before your film comes back. 
While it is saving time, you are losing valuable game planning time against your opponent.  Again, without a chance to see it completely in action, it’s hard to say what the data provided would serve compared to what you can get from watching the film and breaking it down yourself.  I grade this aspect a B-.
The final, biggest difference that is appealing to Krossover is the price and packages. (Which can be found at http://www.krossover.com/football/  Packages range in value from $799.00 to $2499.00 a season (which they define as August 1st to February 1st). As you increase in price, the biggest differences that were the selling points was the turnaround time on your film.  The Franchise Package returns your film 36-48 hours, the Champion package at $1399.00 returns your film in 24-36 hours and the Dynasty Package returns your film in 12-24 hours.  The three options allow for various budgets and needs, which is a huge plus.  I would grade pricing out to a B, while they offer some great packages, it would be nice to see a little more difference between the packages to justify the cost differences. While the price is appealing the time of which your account is active is not. I would prefer to have a Year to Year contract verses a Season contract.

Probably my biggest critique of Krossover it that they only will breakdown 2,3,or 5 games (again based on price packages.)  By the time district comes around, we are breaking down 4 to 5 games a week on my staff and so I would have to spend the money for them to break it all down for me or realize that I will still be spending time on film breakdown analyzing the film they didn’t breakdown for us. 

Overall, this is a put together product, and one that I can see in certain sports and certain areas, would be huge time saver.  I would like to see where this company continues to grow and see if they can ever challenge the current video breakdown program juggernaut Hudl.  If they continue down the path they are on with the polished mechanics, great playback and quality, they just might do it.  


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