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Don't Gobble til you Waddle

Down another pound! This is without working out in almost two weeks and eating ice cream! It makes me smile that I won't have to worry about over eating or gaining weight over the holidays! You still have time to get yours before Thanksgiving! Order by tomorrow and you'll receive your order by Wednesday! Don't Gobble til you Waddle this Holiday season! 


Wardrobe Wednesday

The Blue Door Boutique Top Me Off Sweater $58.00
Old Navy The Rockstar Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans $30.00
Target Mossimo Supply Co. Jessica Suede Strappy Boot $49.99
Total $137.99


Dollars and Cents

The biggest complaint I've heard from people is that Plexus is to expensive but have you ever added up how much you spend a day on coffee, cokes, eating out? You would be surprised how much money you spend a day!! Plexus can curb your craving for the junk! 
I challenge you to add up everything you spend eating or drinking out in one week? Then let me show you how you can kick those habits to the curb!