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Football Friday: Game Time

Thursday Night Games
Nimitz Vikings vs. Keller Central 31-20 Go Vikings
Flint Academy Falcons vs. Newman International
Friday Night Games 
Industrial Cobras vs. Shiner

Good Luck tonight everyone!!



Last Call...Send in your Game Info

Game Plan:
Since so many of my wonderful blog friends are coaches wives, players wives, players mamas or just good 'ole fans, each week I will post your team game and their weekly rival, then over the weekend I will update the post the each game's final score!
Blitz: This is how it works
You will email me, either the season schedule or each week, your School, their Mascot and School Colors and Who they are Playing  
Every submission must be emailed to me by 5:00pm on Thursday. {This year you CAN email me the entire schedule at one time if that works better for you!!}
I will post the list of that week's games on Friday morning.
You will need to email me, no later then Sunday afternoon the final score of the game for me to update the post.
Friday Games
Lake Highlands Wildcats vs. Burkner 14-0
Saturday Games
Austin College Roos vs. MHB 21-7
Email me ALL the information from above.
If it is a big game feel free to include that in your submission, i.e. Homecoming, School Rival, District Opener, etc...

This is a fun way to have people all over wishing your team 'Good Luck' and Cheering them on!
my email: lifeasacoacheswife@yahoo.com