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Interview with the Jones Family from Quints by Surprise on TLC: Part Two

picture provided by Ethan Jones
Ethan and Casey Jones are your typical Texas family except for one thing, they have Quintuplets! Ethan and Casey along with their six year old daughter Elliot welcomed a great surprise when they found out that the little sister or brother they were pregnant with was actually four girls, Brooklyn, Ryan, Brittan and Lila and a boy, Jack. That was over seventeen months ago and their lives haven't been the same since.
In the new hit series on TLC Quints by Surprise the Joneses daily life is followed as they navigate their way through raising five babies, a very active seven year old and struggling to make it in the hard hit industry of Home Building in this economy, which Ethan owns a business.  
Ethan and Casey graciously agreed to be interview by Life as a Coaches Wife to give you a little inside look at what their lives are like, what is important to them in raising their children and how they deal with the day to day stresses of budgeting, raising six children and everything life throws their way.
Ethan and Casey, again Thank you so much for doing this interview for Life as a Coaches Wife. I am excited to be able to interview you and share this opportunity with my readers! Let's dive right into the second part of the interview...

Me: Casey, as a coach’s wife during season we are solely responsible for our home, finances and our entire families’ lives. We recently saw Ethan having to spend a lot of time apart from the family while he studied for his masters.
How did you manage running the household solo?
There were some tough days during that time, but I just kept my focus on the big picture. I knew it wouldn’t last forever, but the benefit to our family by him getting a master’s degree would be a big positive for our family. Thinking about the days when we would have him back full time always gave me a smile!
Me: Some times the bigger picture is hard to focus on, especially when you are so busy with six children. I love that you were able to keep the focus on that!
photo provided by Ethan Jones

Me: Ethan, you have been very open with the struggles your business has gone through.
How is your business going?
It’s better though things are still pretty competitive and slower than I would like. This year has been slow and steady where last year was just plain dead. I have a couple of new opportunities that I am looking at for 2011 which are pretty exciting so I’m feeling pretty good about the direction things are headed!
Me: We wish you the best of luck!

Me: Casey and Ethan, both of you went to college in Texas, Ethan; we recently saw you receive your masters. That was a great accomplishment with such a busy life!
How important is education to both of you?
Knowledge is freedom! For me (Ethan), getting the master’s degree was as much about achieving a goal I had always had as it was about advancing my career and my family’s stability. Of course I knew the master’s would help my career, but the education itself was as much a reward as anything else. It was also really big for me to be able to set an example for the kids and make it clear to them how important education is to their futures.
How important is it that all of the kids go to college?
For the kids, we will not be able to relax financially until we know we can support our kids through college. Both of our parents paid for our educations and we absolutely expect to be able to do that for our kids. What a gift that was!
Me: Yes, that was an amazing gift! And how Thankful your children will be one day also!

Me: Casey and Ethan, we saw the babies’ dedication on a recent episode.
How important is God in your lives?
We once saw a band play when we went to a local music festival; they were from Africa. Between songs once, one of the singers said, “In our country, music is like the sunshine – it is everywhere!” That is how we feel about our faith in a lot of ways – it pervades every aspect of our lives. We try to connect with Christ and be mindful of his blessings in everything that we do.
How do you incorporate him into your and your children’s every day life?
We are bringing the kids along at their own pace and making every effort to model Christ-like behavior for them in their everyday lives.
Me: I love that!

Me: Casey and Ethan, I know some times it is hard to think about the next ten minutes let alone the next ten years but Ten years from now where do you hope to be?
Oh my, it’s hard to think about 10 days from now, let alone 10 years! Honestly, we’re going to leave the long term planning up to God and simply do our best to handle what comes our way day by day. We’d love to say that Ethan’s business will be booming, the kids will all be on the honor roll, and Eliot will be rocking and rolling her way through high school, but we had long term plans before…and we all know how those worked out… :)
Me: Good Luck!

Casey and Ethan it has been a pleasure to interview you and to be able to share this with so many people. I have had a great time getting to "know" you. I wish we lived near Austin, I would absolutely ask to babysit! We wish y'all the greatest success in the future, healthy, happy growing children and all the best blessings! We can not wait for new episodes of Quints by Surprise on TLC! We will keep our fingers crossed that season two gets pick up soon!

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To find out more about the Jones family or how you can help them check out JonesLife

*This interview was given with the permission of TLC Discovery and is based on the words and photos from Ethan and Casey Jones and Channa Norman from Life as a Coaches Wife. It can not be copied and used without the permission of all parties involved. Anyone who uses parts or all of the interview and/or photos without permission will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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