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Hi, remember me? I used to blog about things other than Wardrobe Wednesday and Hamilton's monthly updates...but now my life is so boring! {Well, let's be honest, I've always been pretty boring} I always thought when I had a baby I would have all of this stuff to blog about, I would be snarky and funny have embarrassing stories to tell but the truth is my life is still just boring plus one. I really don't think you want to hear about my day; how Hamilton and I watched the Disney channel, played, read or went on a walk. What I made for dinner or how changing into my daily outfit only consist of changing from pajama pants to shorts, yoga pants or leggings! Let's not even talk about the fact that I have only put makeup on once in two weeks, nor have I even done my hair. Thanks to my child's hatred of the car and our very limited budget we hardly ever go anywhere during the week. And since I am almost positive you do not want to hear about how my hair is falling out by the handful or how my face looks like that of a teenager again {and not in the wrinkle free way}...I've got nothing! 
So until something really funny or interesting happens or I all of the sudden become this really creative writer, my limited life will have to do. :(
What do you write about? 


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  2. I wish I could tell you that it gets easier. This is a new season for you - don't be so hard on your self. Enjoy this time it goes so fast. You our so lucky that you can stay home with Hamilton. Go out and enjoy the walks and fresh air. Do you have any play groups you could join?